Dear Sirs,
Ryazan sleeper impregnation plant is one of the greatest manufacturers in Russia having 130 years history. We are a specialized enterprise providing wood preservation in large quantities.

High-quality output

We produce:

- wooden impregnated sleepers;

- wooden impregnated poles for power transmission and electrical communication lines;

- any impregnated wood as you requested (timber, lumber, stakes, panels)

All produced outputs are verified by the corresponding certificates.

Ourrawmaterialsis afirst-quality wood dressed in North regions of Russia.

Impregnation is carried out by theresin oil (creosote) and most contemporary water-borne wood preservatives.

Preservation technologiesinindustrialautoclaves allow manufacturing products having life time requested by you.

Industrial volumes of supply

Production capacity of the plant is up to 1500 cubic meters of poles and about 4000 cubic meters of sleepers per month. High universality of technologies allows producing any type of products.


Weoffer high-quality goodsforfavorable prices.

Strict fulfillment of contractual obligations

Youwillnothave to blush before your partners, for example, for faulty products ordisrupted delivery time.

Optimal logistics

Deliveryofgoodsiscarriedout by automobile, railway and water transports to EU countries, Middle East and within Russia.

We have a potential for success and effective solutions of urgent issues and complicated tasks together with our partners in any economic conditions.

You can find more detailed information and prices visiting our official web-site http://www.rshpz.ru/.

If you are interested in our products and mutual cooperation, please, contact us by email RussianSleeepers@gmail.com or by phone +7 (4912)30-76-01.

You will easily work with us because we are ready to provide information in any languages.

Yours faithfully,
Mironov Yu.A.
Managing director
Ryazan sleeper impregnation plant
Shpalozavod 9, Borki, Ryazan, Russia 390016
Telephone: +7 (4912)30-76-01
Fax: +7 (4912) 30-76-01