Price of sleepers

Price of sleepers as of September 1, 2016

Product description, unit Price, USD including 0 % VAT
Sleeper 1 type 180х250х2750 mm State Standard 78-2004(89) per 1 unit 19.90
Sleeper 2 type 160х230х2750 mm State Standard 78-2004(89) per 1 unit 16.90
Half sleeper for crane tracks per 1 unit 9.50
Impregnated switch beam А3-1 (complete set) 2858.20
Impregnated switch beam А3-2 (complete set) 2330.00
Impregnated switch beam А4-1 (complete set) 2312.00
Impregnated switch beam А4-2 (complete set) 1891.00
Impregnated switch beam Б2-1 (complete set) 2167.00
Impregnated switch beam Б2-2 (complete set) 1787.70
Impregnated bridge beam 200х240х3250 (cubic meter) 198,63

Price is mentioned including VAT 0% on terms of free on rail (station Ryazan-Oka-Wharf of the Moscow Railway. Station code - 222904).
Price includes loading and necessary loading details.
The supply is executed by railway and automobile transport.